Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekend Update - 10/3/2011

{pumpkins a-plenty at the corner deli}
A rainy weekend filled with very little was much needed after the last month of go, go, go. Kicked it off Friday night with the Black Eyed Peas at Central Park...unfortunately only made it halfway through before the rain moved in and stayed for the preceding 24 hours. The cool, damp weather did nothing for the cold/fever that started on Friday so I spent the rest of the weekend in bed other than to enjoy some of the sun Sunday morning before stopping by a couple of my favorite neighborhood stores for a little retail therapy. And that was about it. Hope you all had a relaxing weekend!
{DIY inspiration: push-pins on an oversized bulletin board at Madewell}

{Black Eyed Peas at Central Park Friday night}

{soaking up some vitamin D while drinking my Sunday morning coffee outdoors}

{some feel-better ramen at Minca}

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