Thursday, May 24, 2012

Long Walks on the Beach

Forever 21 Dress (similar here) & Necklace | Madewell and H&M bracelets
I had been doing really good not going to Forever 21 but I had 15 minutes to kill before a dinner last Friday and ended up walking out with this little guy. Crochet, maxi...don't mind if I do. I didn't waste any time and wore it for a long walk on the beach Sunday evening in Glen Cove.


  1. forever 21? fetino einai to thelwwwww? to phres apo to forever 21 europe h usa? na se rwthsw kati? ta exoda apostolhs posa einai perippou???
    thelw na parw k egw pragamta apo f21 alla fovamai mhn einai panakrivos o foros.
    gia auto an mporeis steile m ena munhma na m peis tha m kaneis megalh exuphrethsh

  2. Beautiful dress, I'd never guess it was F21. Love when you can walk out of that store with a great find!


  3. Beautiful dress, great find
    very special pictures
    thanks Shanele

  4. forever 21 always surprising me! love that maxi, works for people that can't rock the full maxi because of the sheerness towards the bottom!


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