Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mrs. Mulch's Strawberry Jam

Today's post is brought to you by one of my best friends growing up, Vanessa. It seems like only yesterday we were doing photo shoots in our oversized No Fear t-shirts/Umbros and causing trouble in gym class but luckily we grew out of that. Not only is Vanessa an extremely creative and talented young lady but is also a working mother of a precious little girl, Miss Daisy Ann. For Daisy's upcoming First Birthday, Vanessa is hosting a strawberry themed party complete with miniature jars of jam as party favors. She was nice enough to share photos of the process which she simplified from recipes I and II by using grilling tongs instead of buying all the fancy canning supplies and a straw to easily hull strawberries. As you can tell, she's quite handy in the kitchen so hopefully this won't be Vanessa's last appearance. Enjoy!

Happy 1st Birthday, Daisy!


  1. this is adorable and she is so sweet!

  2. perfect timing - im going to a strawberry festival this upcoming weekend! maybe ill give this a try too!



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