Monday, July 16, 2012

Weekend Update - 7/16/2012

Talk about a whirlwind weekend trip. My flight to Chicago was (naturally) delayed Friday so went straight to meet my friends for dinner on the adorable back patio of Briciola...suitcase in tow. Headed to The Shambles afterwards for birthday cocktails and debauchery. The rain Saturday unfortunately cut our beach day short before we had dinner on my friend Marina's amazing rooftop and a joint birthday/engagement party at Derby.

And last but certainly not least...when I touched down in New York yesterday afternoon I had a text saying to call my Mom as soon as I could which I knew meant one thing: I was about to become an Aunt. I spent the rest of the afternoon pacing around my apartment and incessantly calling/texting my parents in nervous anticipation. Finally at around 5:00 pm, my sister and her husband welcomed a sweet baby girl, Kennedee Kay Guyer, into the world and words cannot even begin to describe my excitement. Hope you all had a nice weekend!
{byob group dinner on the patio of Briciola}

{peanut butter filled cupcakes...sign me up}

{a pretty flowy skirt on the soon-to-be Mrs. Srygley}


{post dinner drinks at The Shambles}

{little miss Kennedee Guyer...a true sleeping beauty}


  1. stop having so much fun, its annoying.

  2. congratulations on becoming an aunt!! so exciting! glad you had a great time in chicago - i did a lot of 'studying' for the bar on the oak st beach - just across lake shore from my old apartment.


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