Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend Update - 7/30/2012

Another weekend in the City which started out Friday evening playing tourist in my own city at the 9-11 Memorial, sushi at Japonica and then drinks with a college friend. Spent Saturday strolling around my neighborhood (complete with sightings of Will Ferrell & Benjamin Bratt) and ducking in and out of stores (namely Beacon's Closet on 13th St. and Urban Outfitters, which is having an additional 30% off sale items) to wait out the intermittent rain showers. Sunday consisted of lots of the same and also included al fresco brunch at Cafe Reggio and dinner at Rosemary's. Beyond happy it's a short-work week as I head home to Illinois Thursday for my friend Elyse's wedding. Cannot. Wait.
{9-11 Memorial}

{pretty flowers adorning the front of L'Occitane at the end of my street}

{a simple Sunday breakfast of avocado toast, tomatoes and poached eggs}

{this bike got me really excited for my European vacation in less than a month}

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