Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend Update - 11/19/2012

Had a nice fall weekend in the city. Friday met up for post-work cocktails with my college friend Jess and her co-worker at Brinkley's Station followed by a smattering of other bars all around Manhattan. Saturday was Friendsgiving in Brooklyn followed by an engagement celebration. Sunday crossed off two West Village restaurants that had long been on my list with brunch on the cute back patio of August and dinner that night with my friend Jenn at RedFarm. It's a shortened work week as I head back to Illinois later tonight for the real Thanksgiving feast...a suitcase full of stretchy pants in tow. Happy Monday!
{finishing the last of the German beers I smuggled home that were free from the mini-fridge at our hotel}

{my contribution to Friendsgiving: mini snickerdoodles w/ pumpkin dip}

{Friendsgiving feast in Brooklyn}

{an excellent Sunday brunch on the back patio of August}

{after watching the documentary on the Europe flight, I have a newfound Woody Allen obsession so picked this up at the corner bookstore for a quick Thanksgiving read}

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