Friday, November 2, 2012

Cabernet Cords

J. Crew Cords, Chambray Shirt and Scarf (sold out online but similar here and here) | (borrowed) Barbour Jacket | (borrowed) Ray Ban Aviators

As mentioned Monday, a group of us went to the North Fork wine tasting last Saturday. And what better to wear on a party bus wine tasting than these cabernet colored toothpick cords. I must have sloshed at least a liter of red wine (minimum) on them and it blended in perfectly. Paired with a chambray shirt, polka dot scarf (similar here and here) and this Barbour jacket (borrowed from my friend JJ and love) for a perfect fall Saturday. Speaking of weekend, it's finally here and I'm off to Arkansas to visit one of my best friends Elyse. See you Sandy...and the horse wave you rode in on. Praying lights turn on, toilets flush and subways run upon my return Sunday night. Otherwise, I might be moving to Fayetteville. Have a good one everyone!


  1. Great color combo! Lovin' this look :)

  2. I love the plum colored pants and the chambray shirt together!

    The Weekend Diary


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