Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekend Update - 10/29/2012

{the bottom half of Friday night's Halloween costume}
What a weekend...that has fortunately extended into today as my office is closed for Sandy. Between two day-long birthday celebrations and Halloween in between, there's definitely enough booze in the system to outlast the storm. Friday night was a Halloween house party and Saturday woke up early to board a party bus out to the North Fork, Long Island for a day full of birthday wine tasting. Sunday was another birthday brunch on World Yacht on the Hudson River, probably not the safest place to be the day a hurricane's blowing in. Now time to 'batten down the hatches' (as my Mom has instructed me to do) and weather Frakenstorm. Stay safe!
{an early morning start for Ms. Hennessey's birthday celebration}

{mimosas a plenty}

{a mixture of munchkins including pumpkin (my new favorite)}

{additional wine cork DIY inspiration: just glue or stick into styrofoam wreath}

{live music and the first tasting at Lenz Winery}

{Lenz' Gold Label Chardonnay and cheese plate}

{North Fork foliage}

{most of the birthday crew}
{the birthday girl}

{stop #2: Pugliese Vineyards}

{and the final stop: Vineyard 48...actually, that's a lie. Wendy's (and $68 worth of dollar menu items) was the final stop}

{Sunday morning birthday brunch...this time on World Yacht}

{probably not the best place to be on the dawn of a hurricane but Lady Lib and Old Glory were still flyin high}

{cupcakes, coffee and more mimosas to finish off the endless brunch}


  1. Beautiful skirt in the top pic, hope you post pics of your entire Halloween costume!

  2. I love the tulle skirt, ahhh I want it in my wardrobe! I hope you stay safe during hurricane Sandy!!

    The Weekend Diary


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