Tuesday, October 2, 2012


{Beaune in all its beauty}
Pardon the brief interruption last week as I was in Chicago for work and then home visiting my family. And sorry for the continued Europe posts but I have to do it now or I never will. Plus I couldn't stop before I got to the best part of the trip: visiting our friend Jane in Beaune, France. The most beautiful country landscape, personalized tastings with winemakers on the 'domains' that have been in their families since the beginning of time, and the best food I've ever had (and a lot of it) all combined to make it my favorite part of the trip. Here is just a sampling of some of the photos for your viewing pleasure. 
{just the cutest little town ever}
{the vacant apartment above Jane's office that housed us...I want to move into full time}

{dinner the first night: the most amazing Spanish proscuitto-like ham}

{gazpacho, lamb and duck at dinner the first night}

{the light shows that go on all night, every night on the old clock tower and church in the village}

{an after dinner digestif: 1993 Marc}

{up & at 'em early the next morning for a bike ride through the country side}
{riding in the back of a truck up the hill to the first tasting of the day}

{the first domaine we visited full with a complete tasting (& how to do so properly) and explanation of how the wine is made}

{the start of a 5 hour lunch}

{9 courses later, they had to roll us out of there (literally)}

{and then we took a nap in the grass right outside the restaurant by the fresh lavender (because we couldn't move}}

{loved these flowers which were on houses everywhere}

{tasting number 2 at Domaine Buisson}

{watching the sun set over Saint Romain on one of the best days of my life bar none}

{dinner night 2 at Vins de Maurice: all ingredients purchased from the farmers market that day and amazing}

{a quick lunch and exploring Beaune on our last day}


  1. The photographs are AMAZING! I am so living vicariously and then some through your Europe trip, so please don't stop posting about your incredible adventure! That food looks to die for! xox


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