Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Neon Heeled

H&M Top (similar here) | J Brand Boyfriend Jeans | Zara Heels (similar here) | Forever 21/ H&M Bracelets (similar here 

I bought these heels at the beginning of the Zara summer sale for $80. Thirty days later, I had yet to wear them...still wasn't exactly sold on the sticker price. I went back to Zara asked the cashier what the price had come down to: $39.99. Shamelessly I proposed returning and then buying them right back. Her manager, within ear shot, quickly turned this proposition down. Cashier girl continued to return my other items and I started laying on the charm. Manager broad walked away and my new friend slash cashier says: "you want the shoes, right?" I was like yeaaaahh but not for $80 (head hanging low). No further words were exchanged and next thing I know, the shoes were returned for $80, rung up for $40...and I was out the door. They paired nicely with my first pair of boyfriend jeans, that I'm equally obsessed with, and a sheer black top this weekend, when I learned that they glow in the dark with the assistance of black lights. What a steal.

1 comment:

  1. Those shoes are such a statement piece! I loved that you paired a laid-back pair of jeans with heels!

    The Weekend Diary


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