Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Lazy Days & Awkward Family Photos

{Kennedee went down a slide for the first time and obviously hated it}

{George is very skeptical of cameras and thus, me}

{Someone found their tongue}

{and there was zip-lining}

{two decades later, awkward family photos edition 2.0}

{our smiles are much bigger now than when we were little...on an unrelated note: photographers should perhaps consider giving kids alcohol in red solo cups to force cooperation & fake smiles}

{the whole fam damily}
The weekend after The Cape Cod, I headed back to central Illinois for some good old fashion family fun as my Dad's entire family rented houses and cabins on Lake Sara in Effingham, IL. Growing up every summer we took a similar camping trip to Lazy Days campground in Litchfield, IL ("vacation" a mere 5 miles from my hometown) with all my aunts, uncles and cousins (photographed above). As part of these "vacations" my aunt Jodi from California always insisted on a day-long photoshoot for all the cousins because she didn't get to see us very often and it was rare to get everyone together. I know it's hard to remember but before the days of digital cameras and kissy-face iphone selfies (please stop), kids were not that patient posing for photos (why every Olan Mills shoot ever was a complete and utter disaster)...particularly in the dead of summer (never recall one of said photoshoots being below 90,000°) when you're straddling your cousin. Enjoy.
{beached whale at ~1:00 in black umbros / pink = moi}
{my youngest brother Hank, in front, not yet old enough to talk but thinking, "Why?"}
{(third from back) started to lose some of that "baby fat" which was offset by layered tank tops and slicked back scrunchy secured pony tails}
{this is what we call 'straddle your cousin and ride the gas tank'...that beefy leg adorned with what looks to be my Dad's tube-sock & Addidas sambas (sweet) is yours truly. I'm pretty sure I was covering my face thinking, "God, I'm chubby." Also, the two on the far right are not boys but my cousin Kari and sister Aimee. It didn't take me long to run out and get the same haircut after seeing how good they looked...}

{you're welcome.}


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