Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Cape Cod

{Courtney soaking up some sun}

{lots of front porch sitting, one of my favorite past times}

{it was very hard to leave this house...and its multiple wings, living rooms (4 to be exact) and fire places in each}

{I want this wreath}

{fancy cocktail concocting including aged tequila & different smoky bitters as well as the local favorite, dark & stormys}

{the most amazing cinnamon roll I've ever laid eyes (and lips) on}

{New England, you sure are a beaut}

{late afternoon cool down at Chatham Bars Inn...}

{...whilst watching a wedding going on down below}
{I really liked Chatham Bars Inn}

{these white hydrangeas were everywhere...and I dig them}

{a Sunday morning canoe sesh}

{watching the sun rise with a cup of coffee and this view also did not suck}

{rounded out the weekend with a quick trip to Provincetown before grabbing some lobster tacos and catching the ferry back to Bahston}

Well I guess it's about time I start catching up on the last two months I went dark on ya. Sorry about that, folks. Busy summer, too hot to carry a big camera, and other excuses for pure laziness. Let's kick things off with an awesome trip to Chatham, Cape Cod in mid-August. Man, did I love this place. All the beauty and northeastern charm as the Hamptons yet a fraction of the (ostentatious) people, traffic and cost. Sign me up. The photos above do a pretty thorough job of summing it up but other highlights / musts include: fudge from Candy Manor, oysters & steamers at Chatham Squire and last but not least, Provincetown if time allows. I need to go back. And am thinking about it for the Cranberry Harvest Celebration October 12-13th or the Wellfleet Oyster Fest October 19-20th.

Note: After being laughed at a restaurant, I learned that no one calls it "Cape Cod" but "The Cape"...therefore I made sure to call it "THE Cape Cod" from that point forward and continued to feign ignorance because that's just my stupid sense of humor. 

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  1. Great pictures! I spent two weeks in Chatham this Summer and it was heaven! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

    x the fabulous life of a natural disaster


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