Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Looks for Less - Forever Finds

One thing you will quickly discover about me is that I am always on the lookout for a deal. I must say that I get it honest though. My late Grandmother could quite possibly have been the BIGGEST bargain shopper known to man. She was always impeccably dressed in outfits with unique pieces from Catholic Charities (or the "C.C. Boutique" as she called it) and yard sales around the nation (literally).  With that, I will leave you with some budget-concious finds I discovered on a recent Forever 21 online shopping session.

1) Shop Mamie High Tides Cropped Jacket $44  vs.  Forever 21 Striped Commander Jacket $24.80

I have not seen the Forever version of this jacket in person but it's hard to identify any major differences other than I think the Shop Mamie version is navy & cream while Forever 21 jacket is black & cream. Either way they Shop Mamie version won't break the bank if navy fits better with your wardrobe.

P.S. One of my favorite bloggers is Kendi Lea [top] at Kendi Everyday. I'm particularly inspired by her ability to mix and match different pieces in her closet to create a new look everyday. Luckily, I already have a lot of her pieces so look forward to those outfit posts!

2. Anthropologie Ocean Jasper Necklace $798  vs.  Forever 21 Geology Charm Necklace $6.80

There's no question that the Anthropologie version is better quality. But is it 100+ times better?? The chain on the Forever necklace will likely tarnish with a couple wears but I simply buy one nice gold chain and switch out charms as needed.

3. Alexander Wang Trish Leather Wedge Mules $575 vs. Forever 21 Leatherette Wedge Loafers $29.80

Side by side, the Alexander Wang loafers clearly look better but I saw the Forever 21 version at the store last week and they're really not that bad. And for under $30 (albeit slightly), I think these would look cute with some flared, high-waisted jeans or trousers. 


  1. WOW!!! This is awesome. It's been forever since I have seen you, but it seems like things are going well for you out East- so proud and happy for you! (If you make it back to the Chi, can you personally discount shop for me!)


  2. Sweet words about Grandma...she was the Queen of Hearts and bargains. Unfortunately, I don't think I have a skirt to match the jacket or the shoes, but I do love the necklace!


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