Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Five DIY

As a follow-up to Monday's 'Weekend Update' post, here is a round-up of the five DIY projects that added the finishing touch to the partaaay:

1) Tissue Paper Flowers

     - Three colors of tissue paper
     - Stapler
Step 1: Stack unfolded tissue paper in the order you want the colors to be -- 5 pieces for outermost color, 4 pieces for next layer and 3 for the center of the flower.
 Step 2: Accordion fold the layered paper and staple in the middle
 Step 3: Pull apart pieces of the flower towards each other to make them look like this...Ta da!
2. Happy Birthday Flag Banner:

Step 1: Google 'Image' search for your favorite prints. For example I searched for (i) polka dots, (ii) stripes, (iii) chevron, (iv) paisley (v) floral and printed them out on a little thicker paper at work.

Step 2: Draw out a large triangle on cardboard as your stencil. Cut the triangle shape out of each printed print.

Step 3: For the letters, I printed out in Microsoft word, size 300 font. Then placed the printed out letter on top of pages of an old book and cut out the shape of the letter. Finally stapled the cut-out letter to the flag.

Step 4: Space flags out evenly along a ribbon of your choice, clothespin together and your done!

Note: I stapled the letters and clothespinned the flags in case I want to use them again.

3. Cheese 'Flags' and Wine Labels: To give the flags and wine labels a more vintage look than regular printer paper, I soaked resume paper in tea.
Step 1: Print out the names of wines and cheeses on resume paper in a pretty font in Microsoft Word or whatever program you have on your computer.

Step 2: Make a big bowl of hot tea and soak the paper for 30-45 minutes or longer if you want darker:

Step 3: With a pencil on the dried resume paper, draw out mini flags, leaving a tail on the left to wrap around a toothpick. 

Step 4
- Wrap flags around toothpick and use small amount of scotch tape to secure. I stuck into a wine cork but you can stick in the actual cheese itself as well. 

- Cut out wine labels in whatever shape you prefer and secure to these vintage looking bottles (Ikea - $1.50ish each).
4. Caprese Pops: (see above)
- Cherry tomatoes
- Fresh Mozzarella
- Fresh Basil
- Toothpicks
Step 1: Cut cherry tomatoes in half and fresh mozzarella into little circles to fit. I used a little top off a water bottle to make the perfect circle. And finally top with a little cut off basil leaf and other half of the tomato.

Step 2: Put toothpick through the caprese pop to secure. 

Step 3: Display however you desire. I also placed a little tray of olive oil & aged balsamic vinegar nearby for dipping. Yum. 

5. Cake Balls: With an apartment as small as mine and minimal 'china' if you will, I knew I needed to make everything as close to one-bite as possible. Instead of making a full cake, these mini cake-balls seemed to be the best option. 
Materials needed:
- Funfetti cake mix
- Oil
- 3 eggs
- Cream cheese icing 
- Candy melts 
- Decorative icing
Step 1: Prepare cake per box instructions and let cool overnight. Next day, crumble cooled cake with a little over half the container of icing.
 Step 2: Roll mixture with your hands into equal size balls and refrigerate for 20-30 minutes.
Step 3: Melt candy melts in large glass bowl in microwave for one minute and then in 30 second increments until completely melted. Next quickly dip and cover entire cake ball in candy melts, top with dot of icing and insert candle. This all has to be done fairly quickly because the candy hardens fast. One down, 25 to go.

Have a happy and restful Memorial Day Weekend!


  1. wow, i absolutely love the banner! and the wine bottles. :)

  2. FUN!!! :-) I want to attend that party and I need to make some cake balls, NOW! xxxx

  3. i expect similar treatment 12.18.11

  4. styleforlife - They're really easy and such a yummy poppable little sweet treat=)

    Audrey - If you're in NYC, I would do double...even though we might need to move it inside my ginormous apartment in December.

  5. now i can re-incarnate the best bday over...again and again...


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