Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekend Update - 5/8/2011

A lovely weekend was spent enjoying the weather, attending the one-year anniversary party of Benrimon Contemporary gallery and complete with a picture perfect Mother's Day brunch prepared by the bf's brother and sister-in-law...who, together, could honestly show Martha Stewart a thing or two about hosting a brunch, dinner...well, really any party. Everything from the food, which tasted even better than it looked, down to the color-coordinated table linens & gerber daisies were practically perfect in every way. Hope you had a great weekend.

Mother's Day Brunch...
{bloody marys and jalapeños-cheddar scones}
 {mixed berries with lemon drizzle and ahhmmaazing chocolate chip coffee cake}
{toasted baguette with lox, scrambled eggs and scallions topped with black caviar}

One year Anniversary soirée at Benrimon Contemporary

Design inspiration @ Free People...


  1. lookds delic - did you end up making anything for the brunch???

  2. I actually made the jalapeno-cheddar scones in the third pic...Inspired by your cheddar dill scones of course=)

  3. Wow, dinner looks delicious! Thank you for sharing the photographs :) Hope you had a lovely weekend!

  4. So much delicious food! It is making me want to go whip up a recipe of my own!


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