Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Weekend Update - 9/6/2011

{patiently waiting to be seated for brunch at Little Owl}
After last weekend's travel complications, I decided to stay in the city this Labor Day in lieu of making the commute to the Hamptons and ended up having a really nice weekend.  A lot of the city out of town allowed for a lot of brunches & dinners at new places and wayyy to much shopping in anticipation of the Fashion Week festivities that commence on Thursday (!!!). I've also made the unanimous decision that every weekend should be three days long. Hope you all had a great one!
{gravy meatball sliders and raspberry nutella beignets at Little Owl - well worth the wait)
{operation hydration at a Saturday morning brunch at Cafeteria}

{green eggs (pesto & goat cheese) & ham at Cafeteria...yum}

{...and eggs benedict for him}

{a quiet cobblestone street I stumbled upon in Greenwich Village, which I hope to be a future site of outfit pics}

{navy polka dots and hot pink nails for a Sunday in the sun}

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