Wednesday, September 14, 2011

NYFW Friday

Suede jacket, leather bracelets - H&M
Tank - Forever 21
Snakeskin purse - Zara
Jeans, earrings - Urban Outfitters
Heels - Vintage
Bracelets - Anthropologie,  Club Monaco, Madewell
Watch - Burberry

This was my day-look to roam around the city for brunch and to stalk a couple shows last Friday. Speaking of shows, I was a dresser for the first time at last night's Sachika show. Words cannot describe how excited I still am about this (i.e. I hardly slept a wink). It was AMAZING to see how it all works behind the scenes...I was literally so happy I shed tears of pure joy as we waited to send the first batch of models out. Best half day of PTO EVER spent and praying I luck into another one these opportunities the last couple days of Fashion Week.


  1. LOVE this look - but even more LOVE that you were backstage this fw!! details tonight. xo

  2. I am absolutely in love with that jacket lady! it's pure perfection ;)


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