Friday, October 14, 2011

Fall Forever Finds

Jacket with Leatherette Sleeves - $44.80 (It's no Alexander Wang or J. Crew but close enough for <$50)
Wool Cape with Leatherette Piping - $39.80 (capes are everywhere in NYC recently)
Drawstring Utility Coat - $44.80 (I have this exact coat from H&M last of my faves)
Longline Blazer - $29.80 (wardrobe stable)

Bomber Vest - $32.80 (A coworker asked if this vest was real leather. True story)
Faux Fur Trimmed Vest - $24.80 (Own it, great layering piece)
Faux Fur Vest - $29.80 (Own it, looks better in real life than in photo)
Faux Fur Front Sweater Vest - $22.80 (own it as well. Perfect amount of fur for warmth but not too much that makes it hot). 
Knitted Colorblock Sweater - $19.80 (own it, love it. It's under $20. What are you waiting for?)
Sequin Mesh Panel Sweater - $19.80 (similar to a J. Crew sweater from last season)
Cable Knit Sweater - $19.80 (Love the pop of color this would add to a fall look)
Crop Textured Sweater - $22.80 (I purchased this yellow pleated skirt, out of stock online)

Sequined Scoop Tunic - $34.80 (surprisingly this doesn't look cheap at all in person)
Floral Lace Top - $19.80 (can never have too many lace tops)
Shimmery Metallic Raglan Top - $15.80 / Foldover Bodycon Skirt - $6.50 (simple, comfy, classic gray & stripes)
Fitted Striped Dress - $22.80 (mock turtleneck a la Steve Jobs, nautical stripes = personal favorite)

Herringbone Pattern Shorts - $22.80 (reminds me of these)
Wool Blend Skirt - $17.80 (have yet to see in person but just like it)
Striped Bodycon Skirt - $11.80 (more stripes, more love)
Ankle Zip Leatherette Pants - $27.80 (this was a risk I was willing to take. Will let you know how it works out when package arrives)

Velveteen Headwrap - $4.80 (so cute)
Frayed Plaid Scarf - $8.80 (I have a thing for plaid)
Antique Brass Nail Polish - $2.80 (Favorite color at the moment and have had this on my nails for 7 days sans chip )
Pyramid Stud Bracelet - $4.80 (will fit well with my other arm candy)

Faux Fur Handbag - $29.80 (purchased online, we'll see how it looks in person)
Faux Reptile Handbag - $27.80 (love the hunter green / reptile combo)
Two Tone Leatherette Bag - $34.80 (can't go wrong with camel and black)
Faux Fur Trimmed Handbag - $22.80 (clearly have a thing fur fur as well)

After a six-week Forever 21 boycott this summer, they have really been sucking me in as of late. Here's a sampling of my purchases over the last week...all but 13 of these items to be exact + others that are out of stock online (PROBLEM). Thought I would share with you all now because stuff goes out of stock and new arrivals come in essentially every hour. By the time I post outfit pics it will surely be gone. So, I'm not proud of be marketing for a Company that wouldn't return a boat load of items ONE DAY after the non-sensical 21 day return policy...but I simply couldn't resist.
Forever 26,

**Note: Apologies for the blurry photos...will have them updated by end of day!**


  1. I bought the cream cropped sweater on Friday! I had been needing a Forever 21 trip and after seeing your post I knew it needed to happen asap :) Thanks for sharing!


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