Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend Update - 5/21/2012

{Sunday evening walk along the beach in Glen Cove}
Another 75° / sunny weekend called for cramming as much as possible into the 48 hours I had to work with. Saturday was spent at the Great Googa Mooga food / beer / wine / live music festival in Brooklyn before a party at Desiron gallery in Soho that night. A Sunday afternoon road trip lead to lobster along the water in Long Island and finally Sunday night dinner back in the city at Alta (highly, highly recommend). Hope you had a great weekend!
{wine tasting tents with different sections for red, white, rose and sherry}
{love the serving tables made out of old wine boxes}
{brisket tacos}
{foie gras doughnuts}
{wild boar sloppy joes}

{cute little family fun}
{supermodel servers}
{one last dose of live entertainment in Grand Army Plaza} 
{closing out the weekend with a cold one along the water}


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