Monday, September 10, 2012

Fortnight Update

{Rosa & Pistachio gelato in Milan}
Back from probably the most amazing trip of my entire are a couple quick pics I tried to narrow it down to but more to come. Hope you all had a nice weekend!

{daily breakfast routine}

{our hotel (the nicest I've ever stayed at) in Stresa, Italy}

{view from the mountains surrounding Stresa}

{the perks of jet lag: watching the sun rise}

{the wedding in Stresa}

{the jordan almonds that I nearly o.d.'d on}

{a congratulatory message for the bride & groom spelled out in lanterns on Lake Maggiore, Italy}

{Cafe Verbano: one of the best restaurants of the trip...and the boat that picks you up to take you there}
{interior design in one of a dozen castle tours of the trip}

{the galleria in Milan}

{inside the Duomo in Milan}

{the perfect italian meal}

{hiking in Montreaux, Switzerland}

{a swim at sunset in the Alps}

{a fondue mixture of a variety of swiss cheeses}

{Cassis, France}

{lavender ice cream}

{the outdoor settee at the country house we stayed at in Aix-en-Provence}

{St. Tropez, France}

{I used to not like beef carpacio...until I met this guy}

{a 'domain' on the hilltop outside Avignon, France}

{the grapes ripe for the picking later that day}
{lunch break in Lyon, France}

{bike ride through the countryside in the Burgundy region}

{the most interesting man I've ever met and owner of one of the most prestigious vineyards in the world}

{Laudree macarons in Paris}

{a picnic in Paris}

{ain't she a beaut}


  1. There are too many words! All of the pictures and gorgeous and I am now absolutely starving. Looks like a wonderful trip.

  2. we must catch up - i want to hear ALL about it. looks AMAZING

  3. Beautiful! Glad you and Adam arrived safely, in one piece, and hopefully are still speaking. :) xo

  4. looks amazing sheena! incredibly jealous...


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