Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mello Yello

Just a little yellow rehearsal dinner dress for last weekend's wedding. Comes in black and blue as well and would recommend going up a size. Please someone humor me and tell me you think Zara's dresses are running small this year...or maybe I'm just running large, in which case you don't need to say anything.


  1. I can't shop at Zara anymore (mall in Cincinnati doesn't have one), so I can't answer the question about their dress size. But, I can say that you look great in that yellow dress! I love the color and accessories. Keep posting.

  2. I do find Zara to be a little small.. Especially with pants and jeans! I can never fit my butt in them hahah. You look fabulous in that yellow dress though! It's definitely your colour!


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