Thursday, June 9, 2011

Copy Cat - My Apartment

Urban Outfitters Flounce Ruffle Strip Curtain
Home Depot Aged Iron Chandelier
Sherwin Williams Wallpaper
West Elm Pintuck Duvet Cover
Not to completely rip off my friend Audrey's post yesterday but to completely rip off my friend Audrey's post [don't feel too bad considering I didn't get home from work until midnight], here are a couple shots she took of my apartment over her Memorial Day visit. With floor space sparse, clearly the main focus here is getting as much hanging on the walls as possible. I even velcroed the t.v. remote on the wall next to my bed (don't worry, it's hidden). Every square inch counts.

$50 Vintage Craigslist Mirror
Home Depot Shelf Bracket
Wood for shelves out of the (achem) trash 
Pair of my late Grandmother's glasses among other flea market finds
Bed, Bath & Beyond Frames - Tutorial here 
Home Depot Shelf Brackets & Pole
Vintage Suitcase and Purse
Vintage Socrates Bust
$1 Charles Dickens Books
T.J. Maxx Column 
$10 Column from thrift store


  1. Great finds! Love the shelving, and the vintage mirror and column.

  2. Wow, you have a great apartment. I can't believe how rich it looks, on such a reasonable budget! The Bazaar framed covers are fantastic.

  3. All these are actually vintage, right? Women find it hard to resist the appeal of all those cheap decor finds. Everything's in beige/peach color! The apartment definitely has a vintage theme. It's old school yet gorgeous! The mirror is such a nice pick, btw.

    Chad Lewis

  4. I like the piece of column in the last photo… You’re very creative to use it as your li’l table. The vintage frames and posters look good too. What’s your inspiration in designing your apartment, Shanelé?
    'Joachim Wang

  5. I love your chandelier! It looks so regal! The dazzling light it provides gives a warm and welcoming ambiance to the place. Your apartment is elegantly designed, Shanele. It reflects the personality of a sophisticated and stylish owner like you.

    Clinton Larocque


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