Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend Update - 6/13/2011

{vase full of fragrant white roses}
Hope you all had a good weekend. Friday night we stayed out much to late with the bf's friend in town from L.A. This being noteworthy because his friend is Lo Bosworth and I was in hog heaven pretending I was a semi-shlebrity. The rain Saturday put a damper on a plans to attend the Belmont Stakes...therefore the day was consumed with lot of lounging around, ordering in and watching movies at the boy's house, where I snapped these iPhonographs. Have a good week!
{hellenic bust atop a side table}
{antique French poster}
{top of a mirror that used to be housed in The Plaza Hotel} 
{antique Miller poster b/c "Miller is the winner"}
{fresh fruit, bagel & lox and eggs prepared by yours truly before the bf headed off to work}


  1. Yum, that is the perfect breakfast!

    And I really love your frames in one of your previous posts. What fashionable way to save on art!

  2. Lo Bosworth? That's cool! I will admit that I watched the Hills all the way up to its stupid ending. I bet it would be fun to roll VIP style for a night :) We're headed to LA in a few weeks for vacation, and I'm intending to drag my husband out one night to pretend we're on the Hills. This means I need a new outfit, don't you think?

  3. You're such a good gf. I can't remember the last time I cooked. I get an F in homemaking currently.

    Lo Boz? How's she doing with her blog?


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