Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tootie's Treasures

Top - Chinatown
Skirt worn as dress, watch - My late Grandmother's
Belt - Random store in Australia
Necklace, ring - Forever 21
Shoes - Marc Fisher via Macy's
Bag, bracelets - H&M

I've mentioned a couple times now but words cannot begin to describe what a bargain shopper and clothes hoarder my Grandmother (nicknamed 'Tootie') was. It was difficult for her to part with anything whether it was one of the 30 boxes of cream cheese in her fridge (with expiry dates months years earlier), hundreds of tubes of lipstick, every color/material/size/shape/style of Longaberger basket/liner/dish/ornament/towel/etc. ever invented in multiples of 10 and the peach-colored polyester suit she wore to her high school reunion in the 1970s...the skirt to which I transformed into the dress pictured above. I've quickly come to find out that she was really smarter than us all because the couple of pieces I was lucky enough to get after her passing are some of my most cherished and unique items in my closet. And as I sit in my apartment typing this right now examining the 11 wine bottles and 7 glass jars I'm saving for table decorations or the 4 chairs on my patio salvaged from the trash, I know she's smiling down on me...and probably wanting to twist my ear for not snatching up all the other 'deals' I'm leaving out on the streets.


  1. Lalalove this! I wish my grandmother had kept more of her baller clothes. I did make out like a bandit with all her vintage costume jewelry. And yes, next year on the day of the parade that shall not be named, I'm high-tailing it out of the city.

  2. still waiting for that butterfly hat to make an appearance...


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