Monday, August 29, 2011

Come on, Irene

All blogging will be temporarily on hold until Irene and her subsequent repercussions (like me not being able to get into NYC until Wednesday or maybe later} are over and/or I can get my hands on someone elses computer. In the mean time, here's my attempt at putting a positive spin on this unfortunate sequence of events with some photos of lovely hurricane lamps, vases, shutters. Hope you had a good weekend and that my fellow East Coast brethren successfully weathered the wrath of Irene.
Until next time, 
{pin interest via: DIY Wedding Aisle | Kerry Murray | Sara DeKonick | Holli Kristina}


  1. This looks so beautiful! Just stumbled upon your blog and it's lovely!



  2. cute post - im happy irene blew you my way!

  3. i'm pissed that the trains are running and i can go to work tomorrow. had big plans to work from bed.


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