Tuesday, August 30, 2011

[Delayed] Weekend Update - 8/30/2011

{single sail boat at sun down} 
Had an amazing time in northern Minnesota this weekend at my friend's unbelievable lake house. The weather...picture perfect and was pretty thankful to miss all the hurricane chaos. As brutal as that 8 hour bus ride was from Minneapolis to Chicago Sunday night, I had quite the relaxing day yesterday on Miss Audrey Marie's couch with her adorable pup. Today will be a much different story as I embark on what will likely be a day long journey back to New York.
{peanut butter pizza at Zorbaz Friday night}

{juicy watermelon to cap off the last of summer}
{eggs benedict w/ crispy pork belly at Jam in Chicago}
{my partner in crime on a wonderful Monday of nothingness}


  1. walter and i miss you already - hope that you get home quickly!

  2. Safe (and sick free) travels back!

  3. Beautiful photos! :))



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