Friday, December 16, 2011

DIY Holiday Party Decor

I'm having a [small] holiday gathering at my apartment after work tonight. The majority of my decor is DIY and fairly simple like: cutting the letters 'C-H-E-E-R-S' out of white display board, glittering and hanging on the mirror; filling jars and wine bottles with extra large white christmas light bulbs, wine corks, rolled up pieces of vintage sheet music w/ twine and salt & candles/pine cones/miniature Christmas trees; miniature stockings with a little Christmas cheer for guests; and one roll of pretty ribbon cut and tied into bows on my chandelier. More pics of all the food in Monday's Weekend Update post. What are some of your favorite holiday decor ideas?
{wine cork food place-cards}

{display board, spray adhesive & lots of glitter....Cheers!}

{printed out vintage christmas sheet music, rolled up, tied with twine and dropped into wine and other bottles}

{roll of pretty ribbon tied into bows to add an extra touch to my chandelier}

{jars filled with wine corks, white christmas light bulbs and salt with pine cones/trees/candles | miniature stockings with little treats for guests}


  1. Everything looks so great! I love the Cheers sign!

  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ... looking forward to seeing tonight! xo

  3. looks like you can fit about 3 people in there. Guess that means my fat A won't be coming.

  4. Everything looks BEAUTIFUL! So chic and cozy!

  5. Great job! I need to get some decorating motivation like that for next year.

  6. Love the way you've decorated! These pics are making me feel all christmassy^.^

    just followed!

  7. looks so pretty, good job :)

  8. Truly adore this holiday party decoration. Each and everything looks fantastic. For my employees, I too host holiday parties. Usually book local spots or corporate event venues San Francisco for a lunch or dinner party.


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