Friday, August 3, 2012

My Best Friend's Wedding

This is my friend Elyse. We first met circa 1987, if not before, and have gone through every stage of life together to date: pre & grade school (where she snapped my bra in front of the 5th grade class...yes, fat kids wear bras in 5th grade), sharing our first wine cooler & sneaking out in middle school, throwing parties (& getting caught) in high school, going to college & joining Theta at the University of Illinois, studying abroad & traveling in Australia/New Zealand/Thailand, sharing our first post-college apartment for two years in Chicago and finally, as she walks down the aisle and goes from a Ms. to Mrs.

Making regular phone calls to stay in touch and never a day late with a birthday present or thank you card, she is one of the most responsible, punctual and loyal people I know. I am so lucky to call her my friend and could not be more honored to stand behind her as she exchanges vows with the love of her life tomorrow. Although I have not had the chance to spend much time with him, her soon-to-be husband has to be equally as awesome to score such a fine young lady. So here's to you, Mr. & Mrs. Srygley! Wishing you much love, success and happiness for many years to come. xoxo.


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