Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Zara Dress (still on sale in some NYC stores) | Dolce Vita for Target Wedges | Forever 21 Bag

I tried to name this post 'Neon Lace'...but Blogger informed me I'd been there, done that and wouldn't let me publish it. Bringing me to the current title, which is pretty self explanatory unless you're color blind or something. But it is also my Dad's nickname. Now normally I would say Greeny doesn't have the fashion sense God gave a goose...unless Carharts, flannel shirts, (xxxl) flat-billed John Deere & AgriGold hats, and cut off bib-overalls (or 'swimming trunks' which he so elegantly pairs with Redwing work boots & white tube socks) are considered fashionable. But I've gotta hand it to him...because I've witnessed many a NYC hipster wearing most if not all of the above in one form or another. And with Greeny setting trends, hell should be freezing over at any given moment.


  1. I have always loved every post until you called Jay fashionable!

  2. your dad is a hipster trail blazer. also, you look amazing in that dress. you so pretty!

  3. I adore this lace dress :)



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