Thursday, April 19, 2012

Gone Fishing

Forever 21 Dress (similar here) & Oxfords (similar here and love these) | H&M Hat (similar here) | Zara Purse (similar here) | Express Jacket (similar here)

Today I commend you, H&M. For finally realizing that one size does not fit all when it comes to jugheads like yours truly (thanks, Dad) and making small, medium and large hats. While waiting patiently in line for this dress last week, I went to set this panama hat atop this watermelon of mine and by God it fit. For a split second I was flattered thinking my head had shrunk but then looked at the tag that read: 'Size L.' Needless to say I've been wearing it around proud as punch to not be stuffing it on this noggin of mine...I even bought another the other day so I have a back up. I paired it with this polka dot dress (similar here) and my favorite old oxfords (thinking of replacing them with these) for a muggy, summer-like day last weekend.


  1. I LOVE your outfit! It is so adorable! Love everything about it! -Jessica


  2. I have a big head too and that's always an issue for me! I've tried fedoras at F21 many a times and they just don't fit. Heading to H&M this weekend!

  3. ah so cute - and i love your big noggin... and jay's.

  4. I hear the big head problem - mine is just enormous.
    BUT my Gap panama hat fits just fine! And yours looks adorable!


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