Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekend Update - 4/30/2012

{a step up (literally and figuratively) from my old place}
Made it safely through the move to the West Village this weekend. Recognizing I've resided here a whole two days, I don't think there could be another neighborhood on earth more perfect for me. It's not because the subway is close or there is a gym nearby...but that there are seven (count 'em, 7) ice cream joints within a less-than-one-block radius from my door step including gelato, gelato pops, frozen yogurt, soft serve goat's milk, regular ice get my drift. But really could not be more obsessed with my area, building & the people that live in it, actual apartment, etc. Such a nice change. Posting will be light as I'm off to Charlotte for work the remainder of the week and didn't manage to get ready once much less take any outfit pics the last couple days. I expect to be fully up and running next Monday though. Have a great week! xo.
{flowers instead of trash outside my building...a welcomed change}

{I look forward to sipping vino outside this corner cafe}

{Victory Garden: my new favorite soft serve spot which is right next to...}

{my new go-to coffee shop, Prodigy Coffee}

{one of the many cute Italian places down the block}


  1. I love your pictures! They're lovely :)


  2. im so jealous. now my neighborhood looks like chopped liver.


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