Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Showers

{jacket | hat | scarf | umbrella | boots}
I've had intentions of taking part in Long Distance Loving's Friday's Fancies for a while now and of course last minute Sunday night am just getting around to this weeks feature 'April Showers.' If you haven't already, head over to {a.v.}'s blog for a lovely little daily dose of fashion / style. Hope you all had a nice weekend! xo.


  1. you are too sweet. with your crazy schedule, seeing this post pop up made my day! a burberry trench has been on my wishlist for much too long...but on a rainy night like tonight, I need one more than ever ;) have a happy week, my love! thank you so much for linking up! xoxo {av}

  2. They are gorgeous, I like to have these all, from the hat to the boots.

    Christina @ Danillo Women's Silver black 3-button Pant Suit


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