Monday, August 13, 2012

Friendly Reminder

Free People Dress | Aldo Sandals | Zara Bag | H&M Sunnies

I had my eye on this dress for my Austin trip but unfortunately it was on backorder. I took a look at it online from time to time but couldn't justify spending $118 on another Free People sundress. My friend Courtney clued me in yesterday that it was at Nordstrom Rack in Union Square. No sooner had I finished reading her text and I was out the door to make it mine for a fraction of the price ($49.99). Sure it may be a tad bigger than I would normally wear but that's what belts are for. They also had this shirt for $30 (on sale for $34 here), these jeans in all different washes and many more pieces that are otherwise full price in stores as we speak. So let this serve as your friendly reminder to get there while the gettin's good.


  1. What a beautiful dress! Love the fringes

  2. you look great in these --- loving your hair

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Love yours, followin' you!
    Material Fixations

  4. Great fringe! Nice change to the regular Hi-Low hemline


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