Monday, August 20, 2012

Weekend Update - 8/20/2012

{Channing Daughters grapes soaking up the summer rain}
Out in the Hamptons for what was my last summer weekend this year. The weather was less than ideal but it did allow for a change up from the normal BBQ/beach routine to try some new restaurants (Estia's Little Kitchen, Ruschmeyers, B. Smith's) and wine tasting at Channing Daughters. Hope you all had a great weekend!
{The Dock House in Sag Harbor}

{dinner along the water at B. Smith's

{jerk shrimp & grilled fruit salad}

{beautiful sunset to round out my last Hamptons weekend of the summer}


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  2. i feel like my summer is a little less complete by not making out to the hamps with you this year

  3. That salad and your hair both look amazing!


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