Thursday, March 31, 2011

Brilliantly Blonde

I was in the checkout line at Urban Outfitters the other night drooling over this girl's hair in front of me. After creepily staring, I luckily caught the blonde bandit before she got away and asked where she got her hair done in the city. Turns out her salon is right around the corner from my apartment and I scored an appointment this Saturday. Although her hair looked great, I'm cautiously optimistic, as always, given I've endured many a hair debacle throughout the years, including but not limited to: a second-grade bowl-cut, the college Keith Urban special and blue streaks in my most recent dye-job-gone-wrong in January.

Here are a couple of my favorite blonde highlights and styles. If all goes as planned, I'll walk out looking exactly like any one of these lovely ladies in terms of hair, body, clothing, career, etc. etc. 


1 comment:

  1. ah the keith urban - that was a favorite of mine!

    i love the cut on that second pic - if i ever go short i want it to look exactly like that.


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