Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happy Pill

Walking up the subway stairs after work and out into the world last night, I was convinced I was in hell...which was perplexing because isn't it supposed to be down, not up? Things must have gotten flip-flopped. The journey home took me double time as I tip-toed ever so gingerly to ensure I didn't slip and break my wrist (this happened once upon a time in a NYC storm), my umbrella turned inside out 6 times, all the while getting pelted with a wretched mix of rain, sleet, snow, etc. Needless to say, I spent the entire 4 block / 20 minute walk muttering curse words and wondering why I passed up that job in Santa Monica last year to move to New York.

After getting home and a glass of vino rosso down the hatch, I decided I had to make light of the 'spring' weather we are experiencing and not complain like I just did in the preceding paragraph. Luckily little miss BEE had a link to {my style pill's} blog on her post. Not sure where I've been...well, I take that back. I've been in The Cubicle, where they have stripped us of any and all things fun (i.e. blogs, Facebook, Twitter -- blocked, blocked, blocked). How have I not seen this blog before?? As much as I wish I could turn the snow spigot off and the sun dial WAY up, I have found solace in Christine's winter outfit posts, which have opened my eyes to a whole new world of wardrobe combinations. Here are some of my favorites that I plan to emulate ASAP:

Her 'How to wear'(s) might be my favorite. Love seeing all the outfit possibilities in one post:

Amazing pops of color and effortless layering:

I have a lot of these items so added the below to the 'Outfit Inspiration' folder:

Although this isn't classified as winter-wear, it's just too perfect not to post:

I only allowed myself an hour of browsing before closing the computer for bed but fully intend to take a deeper dive this weekend.

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