Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Leather & Fur

 {Contrary to this picture, I'm not an angry person but this was one of the few pics
that turned out with the little bit of sunlight we were working with.}

Leather jacket and necklace: Urban Outfitters
Fur vest: Michael Kors
Lace shirt and bracelet: Forever 21
Leopard belt: H&M
Trousers and booties: Zara
It's pretty easy to pick up on the latest fashion trends by simply walking around the City. On a trip to NYC in the fall of '09,  it was plain to see that it was leather. So, I picked up this black Urban Outfitters jacket. This year everyone is crazy fur fur.

I got this Michael Kors vest early last fall for a specific event but am continually looking for ways to pair it with new outfits to 'get my money's worth,' something I'm sure you'll here me reference with any clothing item I spend more than $50 on. After squeezing it under my winter coat the last couple months, I finally busted a button last week (this is clearly the vest's, not my, fault). Both of these items were laying over my chair so I threw them on together. While each piece isn't warm enough by itself, they layer quite nicely and combine for the perfect makeshift coat.


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