Monday, March 14, 2011

Bringin' the Heat

Sweater & Booties - Zara
Jeans, Jewelry & Purse - Forever 21
Belt - Urban Outfitters
In Friday's post I mentioned my intense affinity for the sun. My boyfriend / photographer shares an equal obsession for NBA basketball. Although it cut into American Idol, I figured I would bite the bullet at go to the Heat / Lakers game with him last Thursday night. The issue I always have with attending sporting events -- what on earth to wear? I unfortunately left my Muggsey Bogues Charlotte Hornets basketball jersey at home in Illinois [yes, I actually had one of these in grade school that I wore with a white turtleneck AND matching shorts...WHYYY???].

I wanted something that wasn't too dressy, although in typical Miami fashion girls were in skin-tight mini skirts and 6-inch heels, yet nice enough to meet a friend for drinks at the Viceroy Hotel afterwards. Therefore, I went with this crocheted Zara sweater, blue jeans and these comfy lace-up booties. Happy Monday!


  1. i don't believe you about muggsey bogues. PROOOVE it.

  2. One Muggsey Bogues outfit post...comin' right up!


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