Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekend Update - 6/20/2011

{morning jog through Channing Daughters winery}

An always lovely Hampton's weekend was full with r&r and s&s (sun & face with amazing food). Now rested and recharged, ready to tackle another hectic week. Hope you all had a great one!
{cup of joe to kick-start a day in the sun}
{yummy hot dog toppings}
{a big fire to warm our sun-kissed skin}

{table for two, food for a small army}
{digesting poolside on an extra large & comfy chaise lounge}


  1. i hate you for going to the hamptons. there, i said it. i'm bitter. bitter, party of one.

  2. Sounds like a perfect weekend escape! You guys are lucky to have somewhere in the Hamptons to run away to. I love the picture of coffee by the pool... that's my type of start to the day!

    Also, I've been thinking about hitting up Zara lately, and your dress might have just convinced me!


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