Thursday, July 14, 2011


Dress - Calypso for Target
Necklace worn as bracelet - Street vendor in Thailand
Ring - Forever 21
Bag- Zara
Sandals - Marc Fischer

I wore this recently purchased Calypso St. Barth for Target dress to my brother's graduation party last weekend. Luckily traffic stopped long enough in front of my parents house so we could snap a couple shots (note: there has never been more than two cars on this road at one time). The dress didn't look like much online so I took a gamble and threw it in my online shopping cart for no other reason than to reach the free shipping minimum. With it's extremely comfortable, crisp white cotton, I'm reserving a spot for this breezy little number in the regular circulation of my summer work attire. As an added plus, the wrap feature is pretty flattering -- as you can tell, I'm on full feed in these pics, having not missed a single meal [or drink] in the preceding 7 days. I <3 the Midwest.


  1. you look gorgeous. i love the white dress with the gives it a carribbean feel. plus, those shoes are amazing!

  2. love this dress!! you also look like you might be another race in that 3rd photo your SO tan

  3. i love white dresses in the summertime!
    new follower

  4. Great blog! :)

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  5. Love your dress!
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  6. very cute outfit, and I love the setting! my mom is from indiana, and she hates the midwest (we live in california) but I love it for some reason - the long horizons of corn fields and plains and train tracks and small towns. haha and I always try to get my friends to stop while we're driving so we can take pictures!

    x. jill

  7. Lovely white dress.

    It just lights up everything around you.

    With lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    Come see why I 'wear the pants'

  8. i saw this dress at Target a couple of days ago -- looks great on you!


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