Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekend Update - 7/18/2011

{Poolside hammock and the new Hamptons magazine}
 Another picture perfect weekend was spent in the Hamptons soaking up the sun any and every way possible whether lounging by the pool, long walks on the beach, late afternoon bike rides, outdoor breakfast/lunch/dinner(s) and even managed to squeeze in a tennis match. Now that my face is a nice shade of rouge, I guess I'm ready to tackle another week in The Cube [ugh, do I have to??}. Hope you all had a good one!


{Baby blue beach cruiser}

{Stellar sandcastle made by a couple patient beachgoers}

{The cutest little roadside stand we stumbled upon on a Sunday afternoon bike ride}

{Someday in the distant future when I have a house with a yard, I will have these fuchsia/violet/indigo hydrangeas}

{Champagne toast for the Birthday Girl -- Happy Birthday, Jen!}

{Ending the weekend with a final alfresco bbq}

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