Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend Update - 7/25/2011

{To the Rock-away (lean back, lean back...) Beach on Saturday}
My body hates me right now after spending as much time as possible out of my hotbox apartment, which led to a bit too much partying. Friday was out until the wee hours with an old friend before heading to Rockaway beach with a big group Saturday. Back into the city that evening for frozen yogurt, mani/pedis and a going away party for my dear friend Alexa Saturday night [tear]. Sunday was nothing short of fun with a book club brunch at my friend's lovely West Village apartment and dinner in the Lower East Side last night.  Sadly the party's over and it's back to life in The Cube. Hope you all had a great weekend!
{Colorful cotton candy}
{Fish tacos @ Rockaway}
{Soaking up summer}

{Cooling off with a refreshing Michelada}

{'Under the boardwalk, down by the seeeea...'}

{Champagne send-off at a Sunday afternoon brunch}

{Colorful denim at Rag & Bone}


  1. I schlepped through Brooklyn looking at apartments which isn't nearly as fun as your weekend! Lucky girl.

  2. sounds like you need one more day off. sick day?


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