Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Birthday to America & Me

pics via A Lovely Escape

I'm off to Chicago to spend the Fourth of July, which also so happens to be my Birthday. The weekend is full with fun activities including a rooftop birthday party to watch the fireworks on the 2nd, Cubs / White Sox rooftop game on the 3rd and friend's bbq on the Fourth before heading down to my hometown for the little bro's High School graduation party the following weekend. I'll have a couple scheduled posts but until then, take 'er easy!


  1. no, YOU take er easy and enjoy your bday! Love the photos, ps.

  2. What a fun weekend for a birthday celebration! Enjoy all your activities... and I'll cross my fingers it doesn't rain too much, because the sky has been a threatening gray color all morning. Happy birthday!

  3. cant wait to celebrate america's baby!

  4. That table with balloons is amazing! =)

  5. happy (belated) birthday lovely!

  6. You have such a fun schedule lined up, Shanelé. How was your birthday last year? Hmm… Do you plan on spending your birthday on the rooftop again?

    Kermit Lukacs


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