Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Oatmeal Variety Pack

Whelp, now that I completely built it up after last Friday's it is ladies & gents...the Oatmeal Post.

I've been eating oatmeal pretty much every morning for the last 4+ years at my desk at work. The Quaker variety packs leave much to be desired so I've found myself mixing up my own versions with each season [currently digging the pumpkin and caramel apple]. With that being said, most of these varieties are self explanatory but here are a bunch of recipes in case you're needing a little spice in your morning routine. Enjoy!

- blueberry
- peach
- peanut butter & jelly
- pumpkin spice
- mixed berry
- banana nut
- caramel apple
- coffee cake
- double chocolate
{pics: a beautiful mess}


  1. Amazing how you revolutionized oatmeal. It will never be the same. Thank you for posting this very informative information -- I have been waiting in anticipation since last Friday. :) xo

  2. holy cow, you did not disappoint. LOVE this post. and the pictures are fabulous. the pumpkin spice and banana nut look divine. beautifully done, doll. if you get a second i'd LOVE to hear what you think of my latest outfit post. xo

  3. Loved this post : ) What did you add exactly in the double chocolate oatmeal ?


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