Monday, November 28, 2011

Weekend Update - 11/28/2011

{Miss Purdy}
Hope you all had a relaxing Thanksgiving weekend with your family and friends. I was at home in Illinois for some much needed down time. It was so nice to turn off the work blackberry and completely decompress out on the Greeny ranch. The long weekend was full with family events, spending time at the local watering hole with friends and even managed to squeeze in a little cooking. Now it's back to the cubicle & cracker jack box apartment in the Big City where I'll be wearing spandex pants the rest of the week. Happy Cyber Monday to all!   
{best dog in the whole wide none}

{my Mom's famous coconut cream pies on Thanksgiving morning}

{homemade quiche for Sunday brunch}

{my little cousin Corrina...maybe the cutest ever}


  1. I just love your blog! So much yummy stuff and some of the home decor inspiration is to die for! Such a cute blog! Following. =0)

  2. I really had an amazing time not answering email (since I secretly took it off my phone...) and just relaxing. I think it has to be the best thing ever! I want to go swimming in that pie...

  3. while sugar bud is quite quite i think that he and walter tie for best dog in the whole world.


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