Monday, November 21, 2011

Weekend Update - 11/20/2011

{lots of diy holiday decor inspiration at Anthropologie}
Another nice fall weekend full with a variety of activities including a couple birthday celebrations, Lead the Way Fund charity run & brunch and of course a little shopping. Hoping these next couple days fly by before I'm off to the homeland for Thanksgiving. Simply can't wait to spend some QT with fam and friends. Hope you had a great weekend!
{old ice skates add the perfect touch to this merry christmas garland}

{my running partner (until I died on the 4th mile) at yesterday's Run Down Hero Highway}
{group of Army Rangers leading the Star Spangled Banner...'Murica}

{all the booths set up and mobbed with people at the Union Square Christmas Market}


  1. this just reminded me that i really need to run...or do something besides sit on the couch and at my chair at work.

    i am SO excited it's a short work week and I get to go home too!

  2. You look absolutely glowing :) I'm loving all the Christmas inspiration too!



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