Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I got the blues...

J Brand Jeans / Zara Denim Shirt (similar here) / Michael Kors Fur Vest (similar here) / Forever 21 Circle Scarf & Bag

I received these jeans from ShopBop last week and they quickly became my all-time-favorite shortly after putting them on...so comfortable and flattering. I then wore this outfit for Sunday brunch but little did I know it would represent what my hair would like like 24 hours later.

If you have some time, get comfortable and I'll tell you a little story...if not, feel free to head on over to Facebook at any point. Please note the blond color of my hair, albeit with 3 inch roots, in the above photos. After going to yet another NYC salon for color last night, my highlights resemble this very outfit with the highlights matching my denim shirt and lowlights, my new favorite jeans. This isn't the first time I've ended up with blue hair in NYC. Little did I know, however, that Salon Novella in the East Village is a 'sister' salon to Ibiza Salon in Union Square...which left me looking like Katy Perry 11 short months ago. The lighting in Novella was such that I couldn't quite tell but I popped into my gym a couple blocks away (for the first time in months) to ask some girls in the locker room if I was crazy or if it was really blue. To which the first girl replied "Yeah! [really enthusiastic and positive] Is it part of your costume?!" The grumbling response under my breath was not nearly as positive. Another innocent bystander confirmed Miss Positive's claim: yes! it turned blue [like the Coors Light commercial].

I then marched my Marge-Simpson-mop back to Novella where AnnMarie pretended she didn't see it until I started to get forceful. She said it was 'cool'...it wasn't blue. And then I lost my "cool." She proceeded to re-highlight some of the blue to a nice pumpkin orange. At this point I break out in tears like a lunatic and she assures me it will 'wash out in a week.' And this is the point where I burst into a 'Tootie fit' (for those of you that know my late Grandma), collect my refund and head to the nearest deli to purchase a pint of Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey. The Chunky eased the pain until it was gone.  And then I went back to hating my new do and myself for eating a pint of Chunky Monkey. I guess I now understand why everyone in New York is brunette. Needless to say, any NYC salon recommendations are greatly appreciated at this [desperate] point.

Thanks in advance, 


  1. I don't think your hair looks bad at all. I think it looks pretty good actually. I always have problems with hair stylist. That's why I end up waiting months and months between hair cuts.


  2. OH you poor thing. How can they screw up blonde?! There are a few amazing salons here in Toronto if you ever visit that I'd love to recommend!

    Side note - you look FANTASTIC in this outfit! I am head over 'heels' for that gorgeous vest.


  3. LOVE those jeans!! ++ your hair looks great! xx

  4. first time by your blog - I live in NYC and Parlor (in ABC city) is where I go - they are awesome. And they do a GREAT blonde, I promise ;-) Katya or Sarah are my girls. I have a referrals discount too for your first visit. I'll mail one out to you if want.

    also, love your outfit here - so crisp and fall looking but feels easy.



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