Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Simple Stripes

Dress - J. Crew / Boots - Frye / Coat - H&M / Belt, Bag, Scarf, Ring, Bracelets - Forever 21

{this photo is small depiction of how fast money burns a hole in my purse in this city leaving me empty handed}

I bought this dress by accident when I went into J. Crew a couple weeks ago for this shirt and it treated me well after two not-small Thanksgiving meals. Very comfortable and love its versatility as I layer it here for winter but also see it fitting nicely in my wardrobe next Spring. But enough of all that Spring's Christmas time!! And today I'll be sharing a couple of the items on my wish list on Miss Audrey Marie's blog. Stop by A Lovely Escape for a look-see...


  1. Love you 'accidental' purchase! And I am dying for a pair of those Frye boots!


  2. its funny because my money does the same thing.

  3. Love the utility jacket with fur! Great picks.


  4. this is darling, what a great dress!

  5. Love this outfit as well! I have a similar jacket, which is so fun to style during the winter, especially when I visit the Midwest!-Jessica

  6. Thanks for the blog comment! Yours is new to me, and I love all the posts I've read through so far! So much fun outfit inspiration.

  7. Love this. Looks so comfy! I neeed a jacket that color! xo.

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  8. When i say that i love your style i mean it, this outfit is so cool and stylish yet casual and comfy that i can't help but copy it (don't be mad :P)
    i have a similar dress and jacket but i never imagined pairing them with a blue belt and brown boots, i mean wow, its interesting to find new combinations.
    blue belt i mean wow AMAZEBALLS
    and is that a triple finger ring|???? i want me some


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