Monday, December 19, 2011

Weekend Update - 12/19/2011

Survived another hectic holiday weekend kicking it off with my Christmas party on Friday. At one point there were 20 people in all 280 sq. ft of my apartment. It was tight (literally and figuratively). I made a conscious effort to make only self-sustaining bite-size apps like buffalo chicken bites, miniature goat cheese balls rolled in different spices to look festive, glitter cookie bites and sugar plum balls to supplement the typical meat/cheese and veggie platters. Saturday night was consumed with two more holiday parties and a charity event before seeing Relatively Speaking on Broadway and a holiday concert at the Guggenheim on Sunday. Busy weekend and even busier week before I'm headed home for the holidays on Wednesday. How was your weekend??

p.s. I became a very happy camper last night after reaching 100 followers. Thanks to each and everyone of you...this has been such a fun hobby and I can't tell you how much I appreciate your sweet comments! 
{buffalo chicken bites}

{glitter cookie bites, sugar plums, meat/cheese platter, carmel corn/m&m's/chex mix in snowflake ramikens}

{glitter cookie bites | goat cheese balls decorated with a ring of paprika, parsley and cracked pepper w/ olive oil to dip}

{have mastered the art of painting my nails in NYC cabs}

{holiday concert at the Guggenheim museum}

{checking out the Maruizio Cattelan All exhibit at the Guggenheim}


  1. i think im going to like that outfit with the blue scarf. and i know id like those goat cheese balls.

  2. Looking at these pictures, I think you are really lucky living in NYC!
    I envy you soooo much :-)

  3. 280 sq feet... total... ?!... +20 people... ?!... WHAT! You must be a magician! That's incredible and so inspiring!!

    The treats look delicious btw, and buffalo chx bites?! YES PLS!


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