Monday, February 20, 2012

1 Year

Hard to believe but today marks the one-year anniversary of Shanelé. Something I started on a whim with intentions of posting maybe once a week grew into so much more and now consumes a fair portion of my time. Looking back, I wouldn't change that for a second but there are some changes I look forward to making to the site in Year 2. The first, and perhaps largest, of those is the name.

After attending IFB and other blogging events, it's plain to see that a yiddish slang word (and also nickname from my boyfriend's family) that means 'lovely, beautiful, etc.' is hard for people (including myself) to pronounce and understand. In looking at the overarching theme of a significant portion of my posts, it's clear that value shopping / cooking / diy-ing is a very large part of my content and therefore I am between a couple titles that convey that message. This is where I would love to hear your thoughts on the following names and am open to any other suggestions:
  1. 'Sheena's Cents of Style' or more simply 'Cents of Style'
  2. 'Fashion Cents'
  3. 'Cheap & Chic' or 'Cheap & Sheek [to keep part of my current url]'
  4. 'Style on a Shoestring'
Which one do you like best? Any others come to mind? And finally, I'm praying to god today is the last day of this J. Brand 'Style Showdown' contest because it's about to give me an ulcer. Please hop on and vote as many times as you can today (you can vote, refresh the page, and vote again) to keep me in the lead and be in the running for a $300 gift card to one lucky follower/voter. I'm counting on all of you because I will be at work sans Facebook. Thank you, thank you for a great year and looking forward to many more to come! xo.
{chocolate chip pumpkin pancakes}
{diy marble manicure}
{lots of diy projects for my friend Alexa's birthday}
{diy ombre wine cork heart}
{my favorite four-legged fashion accesory}
{Hampton's back drops always make for the best outfit posts}
{an end to the year just like it started, at Fashion Week}


  1. First of all, happy blogoversary!

    Secondly, the name. Gah. What's in a name? I think of this A LOT as it relates to my blog. So I say...don't get hung up on it relating to content. I like Cents of Style. But...that isn't all you do here? You know?

    I feel like we need to discuss this over dinner and drinks.

  2. my fav pic!

    happy 1 year - hope you avoid those ulcers

  3. Happy anniversary! I vote for Cents of Style. I think it implies the budget angle you're going for without being so overt. And while it's cute with your name in the title, it is kind of a long URL for people to type, plus your name is easy for people to misspell & not find the site. :/ When I was naming my company I thought about how it would look reading it (in say, Lucky Mag) & hearing it both in an interview (on say, The Today Show) & in person (say, my dad telling one of his friends what I do). In case those help at all. :) xoxo!


  4. happy 1 year blogiversary!!!! so exciting :) my vote is still for cheap and sheek!! hope you have a great week - drinks next week?


  5. proud of you! xo

  6. Congrats, Shanelé! And we are all voting for you on J BRAND's contest. You DESERVE to win!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I love the name Shanele which means Beautiful just like you are


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